Nice Freckles blanket

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The 'Nice' blanket freckles is a fluffy blanket for bed or couch, for big, small and everybody else. It’s perfect to keep you warm and cozy for the occasional snuggle or just as a decorative accessory.

The blanket gets roughened and sheared on both sides which makes it feel super soft.

The jacquard design allows you to simply invert the colours creating a new colouring effect whenever you choose.

Produced out of bio-cotton in Germany. The applied cotton yarn is grown within a sustainable economy & is mechanically made without the use of any chemicals. Its extra big and super fluffy!

220x150cm // 100% organic cotton

The blanket can be washed in delicate cycles at a temperature of 30°C.

If you tumble dry it at a low temperature it will remain extra fluffy.

Designed and made by Nicenicenice


Image of Nice Freckles blanket  Image of Nice Freckles blanket  Image of Nice Freckles blanket